Current Favorites:

1. what covers my feet when they look weird or its not too hot - btw the´re grey by now.
 2. I love my succulents cause they´re still alive, although I always forget to water them. Thank you, guys.
3. Honestly, how can Ice Cream be that good? I hope it will never be sold out if I am in Cinnabun-mood. 
 4. Treating myself during those exam days. 
6. VS: Not treating myself and only look at them in flower shops cause they are too expensive.
What makes YOU happy at the Moment? tell me everything, I´d love to get inspired :)


BEAUTY: Big Pores/ Oily Skin/ Dry Spots

 Jackpot! You have all the Skin Problems that do exist in only one Face? Congrats, you´re like me and probably even take care of it and have a healthy diet. However, sometimes (like in my case) Hormons won't stop bothering you unless you get your wrinkles and have other problems then. I only wish to have a few years without red spots or Acne-breakouts and feel as pretty as I feel inside (haha) What I tried before I got a little Progress ( I am not talking about a big wonder, but I can tell you a quite good combination to get your facial shit together before your next date):


OUTFIT: 10 Facts about me (so not important)

My favorite Pictures so far. To be honest, I never was too much into taking photos outside, but its just more fun. I started my blog a few years ago and only took pictures of myself indoors, but those are simply amazing and I couldn't be more grateful to have Ana who is able to turn every setting into magic. However, I promised 10 random facts and you might realize that I´m an annoying person so this might be the last time you visited my blog ;) have fun:

1. I am incredibly neurotic and check always twice, if I closed the door or wear fresh socks.
2. I used to bite my nails for the past 23 years and then I just stopped. 
3. I have never really been a good student at school, because I was just not interested in frontal education. But as soon as something caught my attention, I would´t put it away and would love to learn everything about it. Such as Cheese. I would love to learn everything about cheese.
4. I moved 10 times by now and been to 6 different schools and lived in 7 different cities (Thanks, Mom) 
5. Fruit Flies scare me, because they always come in a superior number.
6. I have a low voice but say the most direct and awkward stuff.
7. I moved out my Mum´s place when I was 17 and worked besides from school to afford it.
8. My little sister is 17 now and also moved out recently. She is a bad ass hero for me.
9. I would really really love to have a dog, but am struggling with the concept of a "pet" because I want an animal to run outside instead of waiting for me at home. 
10. I do like someone a lot. 

kimono, top: Zara (old) Shoes: Adidas Skirt: Vintage Bag: Carven via Forzieri (on Sale!)


WTF INTERNET #1: Binder - the Breaking up App

There are plenty of "internet what is wrong with you" moments in our Life. remember all those chatrooms you´ve joined and all the big loughs you had for people, who met each other "online" (remembering myself finding the web so spooky, you couldn't even Imagine to communicate via e-mail haha). Or Nyan Cat. I mean, come on - 99% of the world wide web is simply useless or advertising. But the newest trend seems to be breaking up online via BINDER. Not only that its pretty close to Tinder - But is it necessary to swipe right or push a button to make the biggest changes of your life? 
I´ve been there, I had terrible relationships with terrible Partners and also, I´ve been a terrible Partner myself. But the one thing I always had was respect and enough credit on the phone to give the person a call. At least a call. So what happened? Did we become so comfy and lazy that it will be "Okay" to use a simple feature as sending an (automatic) voicemail to your (ex-) significant other? Or are the developers just cold-heartet morons or have no humor, common-sense or have never actually been in a relationship (offline)? I honestly have only one Idea: getting dumped via Binder must feel like a huge relief to the dumped person. It gives you security that the person, who did that to you probably won't take care of your children and disappear when getting cigarettes at the petrol station.
But don't worry, you still can keep him in your heart and your Snapchat-Feed. 


OUTFIT: Happy Girl is Happy now

The Dog days are over. And I´ve been listening to Florence + the Machine for at least 20 times recently and see what happened: The sun came out. Maybe its the new Album or the +20 Degrees  outside which is raising my mood, or just knowing that there is only a bit more than one month left until the next trip. But finally I only have one last colder summer look to share with you guys. It feels pretty good to know that there won't be any thick tights for a while and especially no layering with sweaters and jackets. Instead, I will publish my most favorite Outfit Post on Friday, my Favorite Pictures ever and maybe go for a new, shorter Haircut this week. Yeahi, Summer! I can only repeat myself: Burn down all your coats.