OUTFIT: Duster Coat in Autumn

Brr. And there it is: Autumn. Summer, it was a short pleasure and also, you weren't really a reliable friend or being there for me, when I felt like wearing only a dress or shorts and a shirt. Well, however, I always preferred Autumn anyway since you´re just prepared for wearing trenchcoats and can finally hide weird feet again in trainers and boots. What am I doing with my life at the moment? It seems that blogging on a regular base is the only thing, but I started to get involved with helping at the refugee centers in Berlin and honestly, I am ashamed that I did not start way earlier, for example, when I first heard about the issues. It contains carrying tons of boxes with clothes, handing out food and water, helping out with "listening" to the people, even when their language is not yours. Since I refreshed my russian, I even can translate for the few people who need help with that language (still not able to speak any of the more important arabian languages). Still, I am not satisfied with only that but hope to find even more friends who wants to join, instead of only talking about it. 

TRAVEL: More Paris, mon Amour

PARIS, PARIS! You´ve got my archilover-heart. I really had some great time taking pictures in Paris, from the dixieme arrondissement to the centre of tourism (Yes, le Louvre is a must.) My favorite spot was the museum of natural history - which was for free for people < 26 years. The skeletons impressed me so much, I took around 50 pictures of them. I can only recommend all photography lovers to take a really long walk and enjoy the beauty that waits at every corner for you :)

OUTFIT: All light and dusty

everyday is culotte day - and those are pretty special since they were meant as a substitute for my favorite pair of loose pants which I thought I lost somewhere in the messy war I had in my room during exam season. Wow, I already see that this is going to be a boring story and I should skip on that and just get straight to the point: loose pants plus loose shirt is totally fine for me, adding some gold and a tiny bit of black completes the minimalistic holiday look I wore, when I recently met Ana again after a way too long working period with barely any breaks (especially for her) - Also, I got some nice pictures again (though my boyfriend improves his fashionblog-photo skills pretty quick), but Ana just has her way to capture a face like "oh Diana, where did your beard go? that looks magical." So, thank you Ana, you create the best portraits :)

BEAUTY: My Aveda Haircolor

Did you realize my hair is not that yellow anymore? We tried out to take the damaging color out of them, since I was using blonde spray over the past few months. I always was really cautious about using it and only applied it when I knew I would wash my hair in the next 8-12 hours anyway instead of leaving it in for days. However, still blonde spray left a yellow shine on my hair which was not natural looking at all and the Neo Berlin Studio had to spend around two and a half hours on fixing that again, and what came out is a quite amazing color with a feathery slight "ombre" color fade from the roots to the ends. It had to be bleached and toned and was finished with a purple glossing - can you believe that this one consists of natural Aveda Colors? Its not damaged after the bleach and also there is no need to dye anymore after my roots got my natural hair color back and the brown blends perfectly over in the blonde. I really am happy with my hair right now and can only recommend you to search for the closest Studio offering AVEDA colors, so you can make sure to end up with a natural color that wouldn't kill you hair. Again, I can only thank Oliver who made this happen again and again, I feel really good with the new look :)

OUTFIT: I will always Culotte around

One more Outfit from Paris, feauturing the trousers my boyfriend hates because they are loose and high-waist shaped. Which makes me love it, to be honest. If I could choose one favorite piece this year, it would be the culottes. In any length, color or texture, I just really adore how they feel light as a skirt and comfy as sweatpants - while looking chic as hell and making people always wonder, why anyone should wear them in real life (just like Onesies outside of bedrooms - makes me wonder whats going on in their lives..) So Culottes, I will keep you through every summer and spring that I will experience, since you might last longer than any romance. Just as the infamous "radiator bag that looks like a hand". Makes me just realize that peopl got a thing for criticizing my favorite pieces haha! :D

FOOD: Best Falafel in Berlin at NIL

You want that Peanut Sauce, don't you? I could literally put a straw in it and just survive on that perfectly smooth peanut-salty-sauce. Ok, well thats enough about that, NIL is an african Fast-Food Chain (can you say that with two shops?) in Berlin, serving fresh, homemade falafel, vegetable and halloumi sandwiches, some specials and also the mixed up sandwich featuring all ingredients. If you're really hungry and you have 4€ left, they are really well spent on one of those bad boys or the infamous Maniok Fries (Maniok is barely comparable to the potato, yet looks a bit like a sweet-potato). Also, it happens to be really vegan and vegetarian friendly besides from the spicy lamb meat. Honestly, I could eat one of their falafel right now. Did I mention the Peanut Sauce?  
Nil 1 - Grünberger Str. 52
10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Nil 2 - Oppelnerstr.4
10997 BerlinKreuzberg


Look at me, being cheeky in Danzig with my favorite Man while he takes awkwardly his very first Outfitpictures of me.  After a few minutes we even managed to stop laughing at each other, meanwhile the polish people were watching us with wonder and confusion. It might be the culottes, which are strange enough without being a jumpsuit in midi-length. But wait, I also wore it as dungarees with a pinstripe shirt and did not really fit the polish dresscode. Which is pretty normal for me, but if I would get a zloty for every single stare we would use them on going out for dinner, since even the yummiest pierogi were too cheap too be true - honestly, I have never ever eaten that amazing east-european food and I am Ukrainian, so it must mean something. Anyway, we really enjoyed Danzig and will definitely be back soon for more pierogi and beach-time!